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A Bit About Me

I am a research scholar focusing on Interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence, Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI), Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. I have academic & industrial experience and have worked on numerous national and international projects. In addition, I have published research papers on interdisciplinary AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Blockchain technology.


  • October 2024: I will participate in WASP 2024 @ Meiji University, Tokyo (Scheduled Oct. 7, 2024).

  • May 2024: I will present my research paper at The 63rd Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering (JSMBE63) on 23~25 May, in Kagoshima, Japan.

  • April 2024: My paper has been accepted and I will present it at the 9th International Conference on Multimedia and Image Processing (ICMIP 2024) in Osaka, Japan from April 20-22.

  • April 2024: I will begin my Doctoral degree at the University of Hyogo, Japan.

  • December 2023: Started working on a project funded by the Qatar Japan Research Collaboration Research Program.

  • October 2023: Joined the University of Hyogo, Japan as a MEXT Research Scholar.

  • September 2023: Conducted OBE Training at NUML, Faisalabad.

  • February 2023: Joined NUML, Faisalabad, as a Lecturer.

  • October 2022: I began my role as a Lecturer at National Textile University.

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